Conservation volunteer in Costa Rica


CR10 Rainforest & Marine Conservation , Costa Rica

I’m having such an incredible time!

Conservation volunteer in Costa Rica

News in from Tricia, a volunteer keen to experience some of the research aspects of volunteering in Costa Rica, and it looks like the project is ticking all the boxes!

“I’m doing very well, bit sunburned and I have more bug bites than I care to count but I’m having such an incredible time! As soon as I  get home I will send you lots of pictures.

We just got back from a backpacking trip through corcavado, it was so lovely. We saw two Pumas and a sloth so I was very excited!

I’ve been doing a bit of everything actually, which is nice so I can get a better feel of what’s happening. Sometimes I go out on turtle patrols looking for nesting turtles or hatchlings, sometimes I’m hiking out looking at camera traps and the pictures, logging what animals appear. A few times I’ve either looked for seeds or planted small trees. Once I worked on the farm but it gave me a terrible allergic reaction so they don’t put me out there anymore. Once I’ve gone out chemical testing streams and looking for macro invertebrates, that was fun.

It’s been nice to meeting so many researchers in different fields, very eye opening. Last week a group from a university in Toronto were looking at the spread of disease from livestock to animals using the forest passages. Another two girls were….looking at the health of the soil in different parts of the rainforest. I helped out a couple days.

I’ve been having a really amazing time, everything is so beautiful. So much variety too, been horseback riding on the beach and kayaking through the mangroves. It’s been the best experience, I’m so happy I got to come!

Thank you so much,  I’ll email you again before I leave”