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rural school volunteer project

Today I finished my last day at the project. I have had a fantastic 6 weeks there as all of the students and teachers are fantastic. At the end of the day we had a praise party and all of the children gave me a heart they had made. There was lots of hugs and tears as I have really enjoyed myself there. We then finished off with ice cream. It has been a real experience for me and I have learnt many things and memories which I will never forget. Maegan says I am always welcome to come back anytime, which I definitely will in the future.

I am moving on to golfitio this afternoon with Fernando and his family. I will be spending the next week with them and a group of volunteers from the United States helping out at the local school and joining in with some activities.

I then go on to Panama where I will do my Spanish lessons and then back to Golfitio for the rest of my time. I am really looking forward to making more memories. I have not picked up a lot of Spanish yet as at the school we always speak English. I am really looking forward to getting to Golfito, and into the classroom at the local school and get to know a lot more Spanish. Fernando says he’ll have me speaking Spanish within 1-2 months which hopefully with a lot of practice may happen….