making friends at school

Stephanie Campbell

S8 Special Needs School & Care Home , Sri Lanka

‘Everything you do is worth it’

New life experiences

Stephanie has just returned from Sri Lanka, working as an occupational therapist in support of children and adults with special needs. Below is her summary of the challenges and rewards she took from experience. In addition read her review of her activity in project S8 Working in a Special Needs school


I would highly recommend this project to anyone that has a love for children and adults with disabilities. You must be very strong and willing to step into a challenging environment in which no one or very few people speak any English, and you must be very creative with your ideas.

Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country that offers so much. There are beaches, mountains, gardens and everything in between. The people are so friendly and would do anything to help you. Travelling is very affordable and easy, and it’s well worth it. I felt safe at all times even when taking valuables outside with me, such as my iPhone.

boy in sri lankaThe project brings so much joy and happiness to the children and adults at the home. Everything you do is worth it, every activity you bring and every resource or present you give them they cherish. I gave each child at the school, and each child and resident at the care home a little koala present to thank them for the love and memories they gave me, and to help them remember me.

This is an amazing project, filled with inspiring and touching people in a beautiful country. I still contact the friend’s I made in Sri Lanka every day, I have regular contact with Dilki and Mr P, and am in the process of organising to Skype the children at the home through Nadia. I am already planning to return in a few months with my brother to visit my friends and host family, visit the home and see the other beautiful parts of Sri Lanka.

See S8 Working in a Special Needs school for details of this project