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Career break , Kenya

Career break in Kenya

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We love our retired volunteers who make that big step to travel and share their professional life experiences with developing communities.

Lynn is the latest volunteer, arrived this past week ready to use her finance, accounting and project management background to help a range of community projects in Kenya. Already there are signs that she can make a big impact!

For more information on the scope of this project READ HERE, but otherwise here are Lynn’s first impressions after just a few days.

“Hi Steve,

Yes, all is good so far.  The transfer was very smooth and I met up with Elyse and Shiru Friday afternoon.  With their help, I am gradually finding my way around.  The accommodation is OK, although I am struggling with the heat – in spite of ceiling fans and open doors etc.  Folks tell me it will cool down later this month.

We had the first induction session at EcoWorld yesterday, then started on some fact finding with Jackson (Treasurer) today.  The aim is for me to get a handle on who does what in terms of finance activities in each area (soap, shoes, crab shack etc), then look in some detail at the documentation and record keeping so I can suggest improvements.  Already I have lots of ideas for better record keeping.

As to my first impressions of Watamu, I love the beach setting!  Out of town is as I expected: dirt tracks and palm leaf/mud plastered dwellings.  Always a cheery wave as the tuk tuk goes past, though.  Lots of children in their school uniform colours walking big distances, but not much activity elsewhere.  One could do without the gauntlet of taxi touts!

I will keep you updated as I get deeper into the projects.  Overall, I think it very do-able for me set the finance and accounting on sound footing for the future.  Start small, then ramp up to ‘real’ accounting systems!!

All the best