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Sport/gymnastics coach , Ecuador

Coaching gymnastics in Ecuador

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Taking a career break:

From working as a geologist in the mines of Western Australia, to volunteering as a gymnastics coach in Quito, Ecuador, all arranged through our office in the UK……such is the diversity of our work, all enabled through good use of technology.

Read Amy’s detailed review of her experience volunteering as a coach to aspiring gymnasts in Quito, and how the support of Outreach International helped make it possible, both pre-trip and during her stay.

“Given the administration and interview processes took place across vastly different time zones, and up to six months prior to the commencement of the project I am very happy and grateful with how the process worked”.

Amy is now on her way to Mexico where she will be volunteering on our whale conservation project. yet more diversity as part of the tailored service we offer volunteers.