CR9 - teaching in a rural school , Costa Rica

Costa Rica – Slow & Easy Does It

More news from Costa Rica, this time from Sophie who recently joined a rural teaching project. Sophie’s update highlights how volunteers have to adapt to their new surroundings – challenging at first, but with it comes the joy of a different pace of life.


“Hi Liz,

Everybody is so lovely and relaxed here. They are so patient even with my lack of Spanish. My house is actually very spacious. I have my own room with a double bed, which I wasn’t expecting. As its so hot everyone is so relaxed and chilled. I walk to school in the mornings nice and slow just taking in everything around me. Everyone is certainly very happy. They enjoy this way of living which I think has a big impact on why they are all so happy and friendly. I was quite worried when I first arrive. I just thought how am I going to cope with the heat, food and the Spanish. But I’m slowly getting used to it all….”