Street children ecuador


E22 Street kindergarten , Ecuador

Weekend Adventures in Ecuador

Street children ecuador


Lottie has just returned from volunteering in a street kindergarten project in Ecuador. In addition to her very positive project evaluation form (which we will post under the project page) she offered these kind words, which show just how much fun you can pack into a trip to fabulous Ecuador, when under the guidance of our coordinator Monika.


Hi Steve

Thank you so much for everything! I’m so glad I found outreach and this project and set-up. The whole thing has been so perfect for me thank you! Living with Monika and the other volunteers was so right for me.

Sorry I don’t know if I ever actually replied to your email asking about the trips in Ecuador. Its such a great country there’s so much to do. I loved all the things we did in Quito. We tried never to spend the whole weekend just chilling at Monika’s. We visted the old town, some cracking musuems and churches and the equator at Mitad del Mundo (I also enjoyed visiting the cake shops and the shopping centre). I also loved the parks- we went on a hike in one of the national parks near Quito and spent an afternoon in one of the city parks which was full of families and people doing sport in the sun. One Sunday we got the cable car up the volcano called Pinchincha and hired horses to ride around the top which I had forgotten how much I loved! We also went on a trip to Cotopaxi and climbed up to the refuge which I’m really proud of.

Monika was great at taking her volunteers out to try different foods and it was lovely that my last weekend was the weekend where thirty of her family came round to eat the easter soup they had made. I am also so glad Monika was able to organise me a space on the trip to lake Quilotoa on my first morning in Ecuador. I think it made such a difference for me to be able to get up and go outside and meet the other volunteers straight away. I realised on the bus back to Quito that evening that I hadn’t actually thought about home all day.

I went on lots of day trips with the school and other volunteers. I loved the hot springs at Papallacta and also our day trip to the cloud forest at Mindo. We visited a chocolate factory and went tubing here and it was so fun! We went on a weekend trip to Banos and enjoyed it so much that we went back for another one. Here we did zip lining and also canyoning and jumping down waterfalls which scared me so much but was quite fun in the end… We also got cheap massages and hired bikes to cycle along to the big waterfalls. The second time we went back we booked a morning white water rafting which I think was one of my favourite things and was so funny.

My favourite week was probably our Galapagos trip. I didn’t think I’d get to go in the end but we booked a cruise boat for a few days and it was so worth it! We did so much snorkelling and saw so many animals. The food was great as well and we had such a good time. I loved the jungle tour we went on as well. We saw so many animals and went swimming in the big lake at sunset the whole thing was such a cool experience.

We also went to the beach at Montanita for carnival which was crazy but really fun! We also went back to another beach for my last weekend and spent the time just swimming, sunbathing and eating.

It’s crazy how quickly the three months went and how much I’ve achieved. I made some great friends and got so much braver and better at planning things. I feel so much better about going to university now as well. Also I thought you might like to know that next month I’m going to Europe to meet up with some of the people I met in Monika’s house and at the Spanish school.

Thank you so much again!



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