My Tanzania Diary

“Tanzania is an absolutely stunning country and safe. It’s not luxury living but it’s comfortable….. Traditional food is great although can be quite oily. The food is nice and quite delicious and I haven’t had diarrhoea since I came :-). The girls at the house are incredible. The electricity is much more constant than I expected. …………Had a few insect/mosquito bites but I guess fresh blood from the west instead of local but nothing jungle spray, after bite and cortisone didn’t sort out.

……. the people are lovely and I am really enjoying it. Benjee is great. Went on a (medical) caravan on Friday with the team as they were going into a village to recruit potential people for their hypertension research. That was great to see and looking at the management or diagnosis of conditions was wrecking……..

Been to a coffee plantation where we were shown the coffee making process from picking the coffee to drinking it and then hiking to a waterfall. I have been on safari and got an absolutely amazing deal. It was a great experience.”