radios at turtle camp


Sea turtle conservation , mexico

The Radios Have Arrived at the Turtle Camp

radios at turtle camp

We recently channeled some volunteer money to the Turtle Camp in Mexico to buy radio equipment. This is to be used to keep the volunteers and staff in touch during the night, when they are working along the 12 km beach retrieving turtle eggs from the nests to conserve them from poachers and four-legged predators.

Greta, our Mexico Country Coordinator, went to visit with Gwenan, our latest volunteer and sent us the pictures of them being unwrapped and set-up for the season.  Sounds like lunch was good too!


“Hola Steve,

Gwenan and I went to the turtle camp this Saturday, to take the photos of the radio system Israel bought. Before we arrived they catch a fish call “Ojo de perra” and invited us to have dinner with them. Was great!!! We had fish tacos.”