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M13 , mexico

Volunteer under 18

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We endeavour to support volunteers under 18 who, with the support of their parents, take on a challenging but hugely rewarding experience volunteering abroad.

To do so successfully relies on us all working together to match the volunteer with the right project and location, and provide the right type of preparation. But the rewards can be fantastic, as demonstrated in this detailed report from Madeline who has just returned from the sea turtle conservation project in Mexico, where she travelled alone but quickly became part of an international family.

For the full review, on the activity and experience at camp, plus the support of the Outreach team, read Madeline’s full and generous evaluation here.

And in the words of Madeline…

“I seriously can’t over exaggerate how much of an amazing experience it was; I am just so grateful for the opportunity and I have Outreach International and the people at camp to thank.”