Arts cooperative and youth club project 4


Arts & Crafts Project , Tanzania

First impressions of volunteering abroad in Tanzania

Arts cooperative and youth club project 8

The first week in Tanzania has gone well, though I am still finding my feet. The Tanzanians are extremely welcoming and happy to chat to foreigners. They are very proud of their country and keen to know what visitors think of it. I love the climate here and the scenery is stunning. I cannot get over the views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

At the project I’ve largely been observing activities and joining in with the arts and crafts to learn what they do. I am keen to teach my own class of something (English or Maths) but realise it will take some time to sort this out. I am adjusting to everything taking a longer time here. It is a bit difficult coming from the fast-paced environment of London, but I am learning to be patient and not rush in too quickly!