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M51 & M52 Whale conservation , Mexico

Whale conservation update

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Last year we were very lucky to partner with an eco-tourism project recording the whale population that visits the Pacific coast of Mexico in the breeding season.

Zac is one of the first volunteers to work there (having already volunteered with us helping the elderly in Ecuador) and it is great to hear his news of the activities he is getting involved in. See below:

(And we are now recruiting for next season’s volunteers in this exclusive project)

“So the first impression of the project: the staff group are great, a bunch of big personalities that all mesh together well. They are all extremely welcoming, inviting out for dinners, drinks etc, helping to get to know the city.

The office was about to commence a relocation when I arrived, so the first week was kind of like organised chaos as we did all of the heavy moving of desks etc to the new location, which is in a great spot on the main street.

The office is a little bit far away from the house, so I bought a bike, which has been good to give me 20km of exercise every day, and kind of necessary as Dora cooks some delicious food..!

So at work I was allocated to look after the social media side of things, which has been no problem, and I also have a bit of a business mind, so I created a few formulas and proposed to Oscar some options for making more money out of his spare seats on his tours, he liked that.

I have started the whale tail identification, which is helping them out with a big backlog of tails in the database. And lastly I get out on the water maybe 2.5 times per week, which is a good balance of work and play.

Mazatlan as a city is nice, the people are friendly, they appreciate you having a go at your Spanish.

The food is a amazing compared to Ecuador. I feel it’s a lot more traditional and that each geographic region has its own ‘specialty’ which is good. It’s also a lot more spicy, which suits me well. I eat a lot of tacos. I think that’s about it for now.”

See more info on the Research volunteer role and the Social Media Volunteer role required at the project