Colourful pants and a virtuous circle

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Need some good news? Have a need for some Christmas spirit? What here is a potted tale that warms the heart.

At Outreach we were delighted to get an enquiry from Roz, a prospective volunteer who had applied to her employer, Hilton, to volunteer as part of their company sabbatical scheme. Roz hoped to volunteer teaching in Kenya.

Bushbells classroomWell Roz wasn’t lucky enough to be picked this time, but Hilton kindly offered to donate $500 to the charity Roz had been intending to volunteer with (aka Outreach International).

Knowing that one of our wonderful partners, Bushbells, was raising funds to finish building some classrooms at their school in Kenya, (where Roz had hoped to volunteer), it seemed a perfect fit to offer the funds to Bushbells and their school.

Thank you Roz for starting the story. Thank you Hilton for demonstrating your social responsibility and making the donation. And thank you Bushbells for doing a great job supporting the community in Kenya. All form a circle and plenty of back-patting for a job well done!

See the kind note of thanks from Bushbells below for the donation, and do visit to see about buying some ethically manufactured clothing for you or a friend for Christmas, and then sit down and dream of the African sun.


“Dear Roz and Rahil and Steve

I hope that you will forgive what appears to be a tardy note of thanks, but I assure you, it in no way lacks sincerity.  I have been back to back with sales up and down the country this last month, and only now beginning to catch up on long awaited admin – so please forgive me!

I just wanted to thank you all for your MOST GENEROUS donation to Bushbells, and this payment has all come through.

It’s timing is most apposite – as we have just started Phase II of the building works at Bluebells school, and this donation will help to complete one of the classrooms – so thank you so very much indeed for thinking about us and nominating us as the chosen recipient of your donation.

colourful pantsOur project, as Steve knows, is very small, and the addition of two wonderful volunteers that we’ve had this year through Outreach International,  have been so helpful in terms of moving the project forward, help grow the school, and give the staff and pupils alike  a real sense of self worth.  In addition, the volunteers have given both staff and pupils the opportunity to learn new ways of teaching and learning, and also via the the volunteers, knowing more about the bigger world.  As we all know in the west, the world is changing so fast with so much technology – and yet at the school, where they virtually have nothing – colouring pencils and paper and a proper class to sit in, is a real luxury.

I run a small operation, with my mother, and we’re so proud of our ethical status – only employing 4 tailors and we use the profits from the clothes they make, to generate funds for the school.  Bluebells school is the second school we’re building – so all good – and as I say – so hugely helped by kind people like yourselves!

Thank you Roz for nominating Outreach International, and please know that through you wonderful intentions of volunteering, others are benefiting hugely by the opportunities that this little school gives them.  Thank you.

I hope you all have a very good Christmas time.

With sincere thanks and all good wishes

Jax Comyn”