New project: social care, human rights & community healthcare

social work volunteering 2

Following our recent trip to Kenya we are able to offer volunteers the opportunity to get involved in a range of social work and preventative healthcare programs that can be incorporated into a flexible volunteer placement.

One area of interest is helping promote and educate the local community on human rights. Sexual abuse of children and gender based violence remains an issue in many countries and in Watamu there is an excellent community project that seeks to tackle these issues at a grass roots level.

Another community organisation is involved in preventative healthcare measures, helping educate the local community on the simple behaviours that can prevent recurring issues such as ‘jiggers’, a sand flea that can infect the feet and other parts of the body.

Both areas of work would benefit from volunteers with experience in the issues, but also from the capacity of general volunteers who can assist in a variety of ways.

See the project description for more information