Volunteer teaching English in Ecuador

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Some recent feedback from Ellie, a volunteer doing two volunteer projects in Ecuador, highlights how teaching English in an orphanage school can be about delivering valuable language skills, but it is also about sharing friendship and compassion, sensitively managed in the context of what is recognised as being a temporary relationship.

For more information on this project view: project E53

Volunteer teaching English in the orphanage school

“…….in my second project I was teaching English to a lot of students who were eager to learn. They were taught English but the teachers got a lot of words mixed up and I think they enjoyed having a proper English teacher. I would also speak to these children about their problems and feelings and grew very close to a lot of them. I felt very sad to leave as a lot of the children were there because their parents were alcoholics or in prison. They are used to being abandoned/left by adults and I felt very sad to be thought of another person that would just leave their lives. It did make me question whether it was all worth it as I didn’t want to upset the children but I think that I made a positive impact on the children not just as a teacher but as a friend. I wish to keep in contact with the orphanage as the children and I were close and I miss them a lot. I also hope to fundraise again at home to help the project to continue building as they need new roofs and equipment and they also want to build a new building for teenagers that become pregnant at a young age.

Another thing which will stay with me, is that when the devastating earthquake hit Ecuador in the last few weeks I was there, there was an appeal for food, water and clothing. At the orphanage the woman who ran it had bought lots of water and tinned food but all of the children had put one piece of clothing in a bag to send away. All of these children had very little clothing as it was and even these clothes weren’t the right size or had holes in. I was touched at how generous and selfless they were. They all looked after one another and were always kind and content with what they had, and they really inspired me to become a better person!

Volunteer teaching English in the orphanage school