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£209 p.w.

Price is based on 3 months
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Teaching in Mexico in a traditional Mexican village

  • Teaching in Mexico, teaching English in a remarkable setting on the coast of Mexico
  • Work with children, but teach eager parents and staff too!
  • Live as part of the local community in this wonderful cultural experience
  • Suitable for student volunteers who want to teach English as a foregn language and learn Spanish
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Project summary

Teaching in Mexico is a combination of teaching opportunities in small community based schools, run by the Ministry of Education, but in relatively remote locations that still offer volunteers the opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional, rural living.

The schools are on the coast, some three hours away from the bustle of Puerto Vallarta around the Bay of Banderas. Each school may have 50-75 students and two or three staff members.

Volunteers can divide their time between the village kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Teaching English is the focus along with supporting extra-curricular activities, whether arts and music clubs, after school English clubs or even teaching interested parents and villagers.

teaching in Mexico is an incredible opportunity to become fully  immersed in a traditional way of life, long since forgotten in more forward thinking and sophisticated parts of Mexico (such as PV). The way of life is changing. Communication with the villages is now easier. The road is properly made up, internet connection is OK and with this the traditions are disappearing. However horses are still more common than cars, clothes are still washed in buckets, there are no tourists and good old fashioned family values are treasured.

This is the best possible opportunity for volunteers teaching in Mexico to embrace traditional Mexican culture and fully immerse themselves in a different way of living and learn Spanish.

It is popular with students volunteering in a gap year, but is suitable for volunteers of all ages including qualified teachers.

Volunteer roles and responsibilities

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When teaching in mexico the activity of volunteers will vary according to the school and the requirements agreed locally with staff, but the primary activity of volunteers is to help teach English. Support can be offered in other subject classes and activities depending on the confidence and proficiency of volunteers.

Volunteers will support or lead English lessons, provide support to small groups and are encouraged to run English after school clubs, or provide individual tuition to the older exam students.

Volunteers can also contribute to what is currently a very limited range of recreational activities. Ideas and support for sports activities, games, music, drama and arts & crafts will all use the talents of volunteers to the max and boost the limited curriculum.

The experience of living a traditional way of life brings with it other opportunities, so volunteers teaching in Mexico may well find themselves helping their host family with work on farm or fishing.

How you can make a difference

Children have to learn English and need to pass an exam in the subject to enter tertiary education.  The other staff don’t speak English and a teacher shortage means that classes can be taught by satellite / video rather than an actual person. Volunteers can help bring learning English to life, providing the real opportunity to learn and practice with native speakers.

What is distinctive about this project:

This is an amazing cultural experience in a wonderful location either on the coast or set back in the hills overlooking the coast, miles from civilization, with volunteers looked after by the most hospitable community. You may not want to leave, and indeed some of our past volunteers never did.

Blue Tiger Features:

You will almost certainly be the only volunteer at the school and most likely be the only English speaker in the village. This project is truly ‘getting away from it all’ which will suit those volunteers who are happy to be more disconnected from services, technology and the support of city living. For those wanting to step back in time, with the confidence to live as part of the community, it is perfect.


The project is subject to school holidays, to be confirmed at time of application but broadly in line with the UK.


As a cultural experience you should expect to spend your time improving your Spanish, although we can provide lessons to get you started.

Experience required:

Volunteers do not need teaching qualifications, but should learn some basic lesson structures and TEFL skills as part of their pre-trip preparation. An online teaching course helping you understand how to teach is included in the price. Speciliast knowledge of teaching English is something to look into according to your future goals.

More important is that volunteers are excited by the opportunity to ‘go Mexican’, living the simple life of a rural community, with the independence of mind to enjoy the experience.

Good to know:

This has rightly been one of Outreach International’s most popular projects over the years, with long established relationships between our in-country coordinator, host families and teaching staff. You may be remote, but you are among a warm and safe community.

Price table

4 weeks8 weeks12 weeks16 weeks20 weeks24 weeks

Includes: Online teaching course, comprehensive travel insurance (supplements may apply to older travellers). Accommodation, food, airport transfer, travel to projects, in-country support, excursion. 20 hours of 121 Spanish tuition.
Excludes: Flights, visas, vaccinations

Things to see and do

  • Whale watching
  • Beaches
  • The Old Town
Greta Ruiz

Country co-ordinator

Greta Ruiz

Greta lives close to our project base in Puerto Vallarta and has been working with us since 2006. She lived in London for three years where she completed her MSc in veterinary science. In addition to supporting our volunteers she now works as a Pilates instructor. She is brilliantly organised and works relentlessly to improve our programmes and offer support to the Mexico volunteers.

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