Working with children in Nepal

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Working with children in Nepal in a positive, well managed school

  • Working with children in Kathmandu in a well structured school offering schooling and kindergarten for disadvantaged children
  • Led by two inspirational women, this is a rare school in Nepal with a pastoral approach
  • Volunteers help teach English and put on recreational activities in the small school
  • Additional requirement for teachers or social workers experienced in helping children with behaviourial issues
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Project summary

Working in Nepal with primary age children, volunteers can provide support to some of the most disadvantaged children in Kathmandu.

This project is a safe, affordable school for young children to gain a primary school education while their parents work, normally earning just enough money to buy food for a day. It is situated in a poor part of Kathmandu and most of the children are from disadvantaged backgrounds, with many suffering from multiple social issues, as well as poverty. This heavily subsidised school gives the children a chance to access education.

However, thanks largely to the fantastic head teacher they have a brightly painted, superbly run kindergarten and school. There is plenty of outdoor space, the classrooms are colourful with imaginative displays and the children take immense pride in their work. The children are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities, and in the past we have had volunteers lead music and dance classes for the children, as well as English lessons for the children & teachers.

The children get a healthy meal, room to play and plenty of tender love & care. There are around 100 youngsters aged between 4 and 13 years old at the school, plus a further 100+ graduates of the school who are then sponsored to go to a local secondary school by the project. Their parents can work and know their children are safe and getting a head start in education.

There is a good level of teaching staff and with reasonable English. Children are divided into age group classes with about 35 children in each group. Behaviour is excellent and the children really value their education.

Read about Jessie’s experience on this project, and Read Emily’s summary of her time spent volunteering at this project.

Volunteer roles and responsibilities

volunteer in nepal

This centre has a positive energy that radiates from the head teacher and the staff are thoroughly positive.

The local programme leader will brief each volunteer and agree an appropriate range of activities. Volunteers are needed to work as teacher assistants, helping teach English alongside the qualified staff. You would take groups of children and work autonomously with them following the main class activities. If you are experienced or have sufficient confidence then you would be asked to take your own classes.

The importance of academic subjects, particularly English, is recognised but there is an emphasis on fun, art, craft, constructive play, computing and practical-based activities. The children follow the school curriculum but you would have plenty of scope to work autonomously and utilise your skills to help the children.

Volunteers are also able to help the staff, by helping mark homework during school (which is hugely appreciated) and by helping teach English to them after school.

Volunteers who have experience in social work would be especially welcomed to help train staff on current practices.

The centre is open 08:00 until 18:00, and volunteers would agree the hours they are required locally.

How you can make a difference

English is considered to be the most important curriculum subject as it provides the opportunity to better employment. Although most of the staff have a knowledge of the language, they are not fluent and your English skills are needed to provide native-speaking skills and the added capacity to give more time to individuals and groups eager to improve their language.

If you are able to share your own talents in music, art, sport or dance, then you will be able to make a unique and lasting impression.

What is distinctive about this project:

This teaching project is an absolute jewel in a neighbourhood of economic deprivation. This is thanks largely to the superb team of dedicated, hard-working teachers. Their pride is reflected in the pride of the children and support of their parents.

Blue Tiger Features:

This is a project suitable for most volunteers, working in support of local staff in the school.

Kathmandu remains a fascinating city, with the old city of Bhaktapur adding further intrigue just a few kilometers away. Volunteers will find new buildings going up alongside poorer housing, with temples and historic building nestled in between. Traffic can be extremely busy and the trip to work on local buses can be tiring, although an adventure in itself.

Volunteers will love the hospitality of the Nepali people and the atmosphere of Kathmandu, but will also want to travel the short distance into the Kathmandu valley to see the beauty of the rural countryside.


The centre closes for short holidays and religious festivals to be confirmed at time of application.


Learning some basic Nepali is both a courtesy and fun, but your work will be mainly in English

Experience required:

No experience is required for support workers but we will provide volunteers with an online teacher training course as part of your preparation.

Volunteers with experience in social work, dealing with those issues common to disadvantaged families, would be especially welcome.

Good to know:

Volunteers live in the house of our local co-ordinator alongside those volunteers working on other projects in Kathmandu. The house is large and with good facilities by Nepali standards.  Travel around Kathmandu is a fascinating experience, but a potentially dusty and tiring one too!

Price table

4 weeks8 weeks12 weeks16 weeks20 weeks

Includes: Comprehensive travel insurance (supplements may apply to older travellers). Pre-departure support and briefings. Online teacher training. Accommodation, food, airport transfer, travel to projects, in-country and UK support throughout. Outreach T-shirt.
Excludes: Flights, visas, vaccinations

Things to see and do

  • Trekking
  • Tea & Temples
  • Go safari in Chitwan
  • Everest Base Camp
Ram Hari Basnet

Country co-ordinator

Ram Hari Basnet

Ram Hari is a respected businessman based in Kathmandu, with a wealth of local connections. Ram Hari built up 17 years valuable experience working in the prestigious Kathmandu Guest House and so has an excellent cultural understanding of foreign travellers. He used this platform to successfully start his own business and he now supports a number of charitable projects, including funding his own private school in his home village.

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