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Perry is a qualified nurse from the United States who wanted to volunteer and gain experience of healthcare in East Africa, and hopefully the opportunity to share some best practice. Below is her feedback of her time at the Medical Project in Tanzania. We are delighted to have supported such a productive trip.

“This experience was exactly what I was hoping for!  It is invaluable to me and I was able to get possible job opportunities from it.  I loved every minute!  Thank you so much Steve and everyone at Outreach for listening to me and giving me this opportunity.” Perry (USA)



“Pre – trip

Medical volunteering project 11This part was so important to me and I could not have gone with a better organization.  I have wanted to explore the medical field in Africa since becoming a nurse, and have researched and looked at many organizations for at least a year before deciding on Outreach.

I am hoping to possibly work there in the future and was looking for a good experience where I could really learn. This placement was perfect and I really felt Steve understood what I was looking for and also very good at being honest about the expectations.

Everything about the pre-trip process was great.  I appreciated the honesty of exactly where I would be and what I would be doing.  What I experienced once I got to Moshi was exactly what I was expecting after all of the correspondence.

I especially appreciated the skype session with Steve a couple of weeks before I left.  It was very thorough and more detailed than I expected and a great way to get all my questions answered.



volunteer in medical projectThe support by the in-country coordinator was great and I always felt very safe and comfortable.

I was able to work at both the hospital and the clinic which was a wonderful opportunity.

Nicola was so helpful and organized other activities for us away from the clinic (Elderly home, Orphanage, boys and girls club).  Alyssa and Karen both were great at the hospital as well.

My accommodation was amazing.  The hotel was nice and had really good food and the staff there was so accommodating.  I personally loved staying at The Secret Garden, everyone who works there became my family, I had access to food and drink on the rooftop (with amazing views). I felt so safe and loved how quiet it was.


Medical Volunteer Project

A typical day at the clinic and hospital was around 9am – 2 or 3 pm.  The clinic was slower paced, and I usually sat with the Dr. which was great for learning common diseases and treatments that they do.

medical volunteering for a volunteerI also helped in the lab sometimes, as well as admissions.  At the hospital I was able to go to each ward, the outpatient clinics, the family planning and reproductive health clinic and also the operating room.

The hospital definitely had more opportunity for learning and seeing things and was more like my work back home.  But, seeing both was so great because I got a feel of the real healthcare situation in Moshi and one on one time with Dr. Jacob at the clinic was insightful.

I think this volunteer opportunity is great for whoever is well prepared for the experience and also willing to learn about the medical field in a developing country.

Although the medical students I volunteered with enjoyed their time, I think I really gained more from the whole thing and also was able to do a bit more because of my clinical experience.  I was able to discuss things with the coordinators with more understanding and also was able to teach at the hospital as well.

I think it is a great opportunity for both students and those working in the medical field, however. ”


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