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Our volunteer work abroad projects are available in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Galapagos, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Volunteer work in Cambodia

Volunteering abroad in Cambodia provides a wonderful experience as it is a country full of contrasts. There are many Buddhist temples which gives Cambodia a real sense of gentle serenity. There is however another side of Cambodia with its new businesses that are helping to stimulate the economy. Due to decades of war and internal conflict Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

Volunteer Work Abroad Cambodia

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Volunteer work in Costa Rica

Volunteering abroad in Costa Rica, with beautiful coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans providing paradise climates, volcanoes, rivers, mountains and waterfalls. If you are considering volunteer work abroad in Costa Rica it is an environmentalist’s dream, hosting more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity, even though Costa Rica only takes up .03% of the planet’s surface.

Volunteer Work Abroad Costa Rica

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Volunteer work in Ecuador

Volunteering abroad in Ecuador you can enjoy a rich diversity of experiences including the Amazon rainforest. Volunteer work in Ecuador ranges from conservation, to teaching, medical placements and working with children with special needs.

Volunteer Work Abroad Equador

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Volunteer Abroad Galapagos

Volunteering in Galapagos. We refer to Galapagos as the place that time forgot. Volunteering for work in Galapagos allows you to be at one with nature while working and living among a very welcoming community.

Volunteer Work Abroad Galapagos

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Volunteer work in Kenya

Volunteering in Africa and Kenya, delivers you to an almost mystical tribal country on the Indian Ocean coast. Kenya contains vast expanse of national parks, the rift valley and stunning sandy beaches. However, if you are looking for volunteer work abroad the stunning beauty of Kenya hides the troubles faced by many people who live in extreme poverty.

Volunteer Work Abroad Kenya

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Volunteer work in Mexico

Volunteer work abroad in Mexico leads to the enjoyment of its wonderful culture. You can make a difference working on some notable worthy projects while improving your Spanish vocabulary. Mexico is a massive country with huge contrasts and diversity. There are thousands of villagers leading unchanged lives, bound by tradition, family and fiestas.

Volunteer Work Abroad Mexico

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Volunteer work in Nepal

Volunteer abroad in Nepal offers a wonderful country in the heart of the Himalaya, containing no less than eight of the world’s highest peaks, the most famous to note is Everest. There has been some notable decrease in the countries poverty in recent years but Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

Volunteer Work Abroad Nepal

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Volunteer work in Sri Lanka

Volunteering in Sri Lanka offers many first-class beaches, coral reefs, tea plantations and rolling hills. Elephants can be seen roaming and the food is delicious, if you like spicy, all of which makes volunteer work abroad in Sri Lanka a desirable destination for volunteers abroad.

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Volunteer work abroad in Tanzania

Volunteering in Tanzania offers a country full of beautiful landscapes and warm, friendly people. Tanzania has a mix of wildlife, tribal culture and progressive attitudes make it an ideal place to volunteer work abroad in Africa to enjoy the amazing African experience.

Volunteer Work Abroad Tanzania

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